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Know what’s happening in your team!

Scrumie gives you a simple overview of the work done in your team, team members' availability, and much more.

Scrumie solves team problems

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We plan to integrate the most favourite tools with Scrumie. Right now, Slack integration is available and more integrations are coming soon.

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Why did we develop Scrumie?

We developed Scrumie as an internal tool at Webscope.io and realized quickly that Scrumie might help other companies solve the same problems we had.

Existing tools on the market are unsuitable

Before developing Scrumie, we searched for a solution but failed to find a suitable one. Available tools are too complicated, focused mainly on project management and essential information gets easily lost in the tools.

Too many regular sync-up meetings

We realized that we had spent a lot of time on regular sync-up meetings and did not have much time on real work. Scrumie enables us to reduce the number of update meetings to a minimum.

Big non-transparency in the team

Team members missed information about what’s happening in the team. We found out that it could lead to their demotivation and potentially also dissatisfaction. Thanks to Scrumie, everyone knows what others are working on and when they are available.

What's happening
in your team?

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