Scrumie is free to use in the beta version

…but to make things crystal clear, we've already prepared the pricing for the full version

Full version


1 workspace, 1 team, max. 5 users


for each additional user

See examples

See examples

  • You have 4 people in your company using Scrumie. Scrumie will be free for you.

  • You have 6 people in your company using Scrumie. Scrumie will cost you $5/month (first 5 users are free, the sixth user is $5/month). Each additional user will cost you + $5/month.

Free and paid version includes these features:

  • Improved Team overview
  • Faster input for Daily stand-ups
  • Team members' availability
  • Time zones overview
  • New Project profile
  • New User profile
  • Integrations (GitHub, Slack)
  • Project reports
  • Accounting reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

How about free trial period? Accordion arrow

There will be a 30-day trial period (no credit card needed).

During this period, you can create an unlimited number of workspaces, teams and add as many users as you want to. The free trial period includes full access to all features so that you can try them all.

If you use the free plan and have 5 users in your team (free plan has max. 5 users) and you add an additional user, you will automatically get the 30-day trial period (paid plan).

What will happen when the 30-day free trial period is about to end? Accordion arrow

We will send you an email and ask you if you would like to continue using Scrumie or not. If yes, you will be redirected to your account settings to provide us with your credit card details.

If you don’t want to continue using Scrumie, after a 30-day free trial period you will be downgraded to the free plan (1 workspace, 1 team and 5 users). You won’t be able to create any additional workspaces, teams nor add users.

Which methods of payment will you accept? Accordion arrow

We will accept only credit and debit cards. Later on, we plan to introduce invoice payment.

Do you plan to offer any discounts for annual billing? Accordion arrow

We will offer a 10% discount when paid annually so you will pay 54 USD/year per user.

Do you need a custom solution? Accordion arrow

No problem! If you need a custom solution for your organization, write an email to us ( and we will discuss special conditions individually.