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Working from Home or Remotely? See these 5 Biggest Challenges.

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May 18, 2020

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Working from home needs some discipline. Some people get used to working from home ("WFH") very quickly; some don't. So what are the biggest challenges you might face when working from home? We've already put together the 5 biggest benefits when working from home (remotely), but now it's time to discuss 5 of the most common challenges.

Working Alone Leads to a Feeling of Isolation.

Are you used to chit-chat with your colleagues during the day? Or enjoy going for lunch together? Working at home will not probably enable you to regularly realize these activities (unless your colleagues live next door). Lack of social interactions with your colleagues makes it more challenging to feel connected and build a relationship together. Therefore, it's essential to stay in touch with the teammates at least via video calls or arrange some face-to-face gatherings at least a couple of times a year. 

Communication with Your Colleagues Gets Complicated.

Video calls or phone calls are almost inevitable when working remotely. It might quickly happen that if you want to connect with your teammates, the internet connection slows down, or the communication app is bugged. Be prepared for these situations and have an alternative tool at hand. Testing various remote work tools or apps for instant messaging might turn out to be a significant investment. 

The Physical Distinction between Working and Free Time Slowly Disappears.

The natural "line break" could be anything from a walk from the office to home or exercising in a gym on the way home. How to create this physical distinction when working from home permanently? Find an activity that suits you most and help you unplug and stop focusing on the work. Going for a short walk in your surroundings or just making a cup of coffee and relaxing for a while are only a few suggestions. 

Your Physical Activity Might Get Worse.

Are you used to walking to the office? Or just at least a part of the way? When working from home, there is no such walking to the office. You only get up and start working immediately. The same happens during lunchtime. When working at home, it's much easier to warm up some dishes or order delivery instead of going out to a restaurant or grab a sandwich. Add some short and regular exercises to stretch yourself and feel better during the day. It'll help your productivity and overall mood. 

You Can Get Distracted by the "Home-Related" Issues.

If you aren't used to working from home, it's easy to get distracted by the housework (or any other home-related things) you think that have to be done. Sure, if your working hours aren't strict, why not put your clothes into the washing machine and let the clothes be washed while working? It can work but don't make these home issues squeeze in your working routine much. Instead, make a plan of the things you need to do at home and divide the tasks into more days. Don't forget to catch up with the work if you carry out the tasks during your working hours. 

Are you working at home? What home office challenges do you regularly face? Share your experience with us and the readers! 

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