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Tired of Working From Home? See the Reasons.

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Oct. 15, 2020


If you're tired of working from home, it's time to go over the possible reasons that make you feel so. Let's look at some of them and see what you can do to regain energy and productivity when working from home. 

You Don't Take Regular Breaks.

One of the biggest mistakes of working from home is the lack of regular breaks. In most cases, remote workers get up in the morning, prepare breakfast and start working in no time. And they keep working till they find out that their stomach is starving again (lunch break). This approach won't work in the long run. Your brain needs restful pauses to be able to think from a fresh perspective. Plus, your body also needs some stretching (some movements). So, if you're not used to taking these regular pauses, set up a timer and at least every 40 - 60 minutes, take a break. You'll see that your productivity and the overall feeling gets better. (Learn more about how to be more productive when working from home.)

You Lack a Routine.

Lacking a routine relates to the point mentioned above about the regular breaks. When working from home, discipline is more than required to stay mentally and physically healthy. Create a daily plan of activities (and also working hours!) and try to stick to it. It helps keep you sane and provides you with some comfort (you basically know what will come). However, be also aware of being too monotonous. It can lead to boredom and an overall decrease in your productivity. In other words, include something new every other day to create the day a little bit different. 

You're Stuck at Home. 

Some remote workers tend to stay at home even after they finish their working duties. Working from home doesn't mean that you have to be at home all day. On the contrary, when you complete your work assignments, go out with your friends or family, go to a gym, for a walk or else. You will get clear boundaries between work and personal life this way as well as won't have the feeling of being at home all time. 

You Don't Do Regular Exercise.

It's tempting to get up in the morning and just move to your working place and stay there all day. Don't forget that you need regular exercise and movements! When working from home, there is no commuting and no walk to the office. So, instead, include in your daily routine morning walks and regular exercise (see tips for easy at-home workout moves) throughout the day. It's great for your physical as well as mental health. Moreover, it helps you kick off the day! 

You Don't Differentiate Between Work and Personal Life. 

Working from home doesn't mean being available 24/7 for your colleagues. If you think so, you will end up with the feeling that you're working all day. This approach doesn't help you create the physical cues that signal it's time to get offline. Set up your working hours, work at a dedicated desk and think of what else could help you differentiate between work and free time.  

You Get Distracted By Home Duties

Of course, in office, you're battling with the office distractions - chatty colleagues, ringing phones, random questions and laughter from your colleagues and similar. At home, you can get distracted by your family members, roommates or else (read more about the home office distractions in this article). However, what's also distracting is the feeling of having to do some home-related issues (clean the dishes, sweep the floor, etc.). Try to move these activities after your work and don't perceive them as anything urgent that has to be done immediately. 

Have you found yourself in any of these situations? If your answer is yes, try to implement the suggested solutions in the article or think of other ways to get out of it. Otherwise, you'll become very tired of working from home, which can lead to an overall decrease in your productivity, boredom and unhappiness.


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