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How to Stay Connected as a Team During the Covid Times?

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Nov. 13, 2020

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The coronavirus situation has moved many people from working in an office to home-office. As a consequence, lots of companies have decided to work remotely at least till the end of this year. Other companies have even announced to shift to remote work permanently. Even though home-office brings some significant benefits for the employees, it can also lead to dissatisfaction, feelings of isolation and worse team spirit. The reason is apparent - you don't meet your team every day as you were used to. So, how to stay connected with the team if you can't meet each other face to face? 

Hold Regular Calls With Your Team.

Holding regular calls with your entire team helps ease feelings of isolation, especially for those living alone (and for those who're currently being in a quarantine). You can combine the call and discuss work-related issues, e.g. updates and progress of the work done, and non-work-related issues. Start the call with small talks, ask your team members how they're feeling, what's new etc.

Tip: Learn more about how to keep your team in sync when working remotely. 

Take Coffee Breaks With Your Team.

Are you used to drinking a cup of coffee with your teammates in the morning or after lunch? You don't have to give up this habit! Let's move these regular coffee breaks into the online world. Schedule a meeting, turn off your camera and prepare a delicious cup of coffee. Talk about issues you would discuss physically in the office. :-) 

Try Online Teambuilding Activities.

Let's be creative in the teambuildings activities as well! How about scheduling a regular workout with the team to stretch your body during the day? If there is a team member who likes doing sport, he/she can organize a short break to do some exercise. You can also organize some challenges - e.g. push-ups (the best one will win a price) or who makes the most steps during a week, and so on. Be creative but adapt the activities to your team members. Not everyone is interested in a push-up challenge. 

Organize an Online Game Competition.

When was the last time you played an online game? Ask your colleagues what kind of online computer games they would like to play. Find one, schedule time and compete against each other in the virtual world. Set up a call when you will be playing the game to hear your competitors expressions and emotions. Let's enjoy some fun! 

Send Packages to Your Team Members.

Since Christmas time is coming soon and it looks like in most of the countries it's still recommended to stay on HO and go out only for unnecessary reasons; you might be thinking of how to celebrate Christmas in the company this year. Even though you won't be probably able to organize a Christmas party and give presents to the team members, how about bringing the packages directly to them (provided they leave close-by) or sending them via post? It'll be a lovely thank-you gesture. 

Talk about these activities with your team and find out what they would welcome most. Maybe, you will find another and more exciting activity for your teammates. Don't cancel activities you like doing with your team; try to find a creative solution and continue doing them!

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